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Purnata research in the first year pointed us to West Bengal and particularly North 24 Parganas as the major source area from where most girls are being brought to Mumbai. We have been focusing on reducing the supply of women and children from this district. We are in the process of setting up a Hub (Rehab Home, Training Center and a Manufacturing Unit) in the district headquarters of Barasat that will help in stemming the outflow of women and children to be trafficked to bigger cities like Mumbai.


Additionally, we are zeroing down in a smaller geographical area in Basirhat district, identified to be the most vulnerable for women and children, to begin a Preventive program. This includes doing a baseline survey, general awareness, targeted awareness sessions and formation of ACT groups (Active Communities Against Trafficking – ACT). ACT groups will be extensions of Purnata whom we will train, empower, and support. With the help of the ACT groups we will address the root causes of trafficking in this district so that we can help women and children who are looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

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