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Fundraise for Us

How to do it:

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click here

Go to or any other crowdfunding site and click start a fundraiser.

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Make sure the purpose of raising funds is switched to NGO/Charity. Then fill out the other necessary information and click "next".

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Fill out how much you want to raise and describe the fundraiser as something along the lines of "Birthday Fundraiser for Purnata". Then make sure you select Purnata as the NGO. 

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The next page will ask you to add an image or video - you may choose to do so or not. Then, fill in the city you reside.

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This section is where you can explain why you are raising the money so those you share it with will know! If you stumble over words that's okay - just explain why you want to give to Purnata specifically.

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Once you finish your giving site, make sure to share it on your social media outlets and spread the word to others. You will be given an option when you want your fundraising to end as well, so you can start the fundraiser before your birthday or have it going after your birthday.

Check it out yourself!


Thank you!

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