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April 6, 2020 UPDATE

KOLKATA: Today our street servant team visited the Kalighat and Chetla red light area. Apparently, it seems no one has visited the place with any aid or food. The residents have requested us for dry rations. We fed almost 180+ people with cooked food today. Sony, head of prevention in Kolkata, has arranged for 200 kgs. of rice, 100 kgs. of potatoes and 100 kgs. of onions for distribution tomorrow at Chetla red light area.

It is getting even more difficult to procure items here with so much buying restrictions in place.

We were able to feed people today with cooked food. But the situation is even worse.

Tomorrow we are targeting 100 families. On the first day, we were able to give the care packets to 10 families. And supply rice, lentils and potatoes to 92 families.

For us here, people are struggling to get basic stuff like rice, and dal.

Better to customise our packets to their needs. 2 kg of Rice, 1 kg of Potatoes, 1 kg of Onions and a packet of Soya chunk of 300 gms.

MUMBAI: We surveyed and helped distribute food packs in Kurla East.


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