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April 7, 2020 update

KOLKATA: Today’s distribution of rice, potatoes, onions and Soya Chunks happened in Chetla.

We will continuing the distribution tomorrow for the rest of the items.

The moment the vehicle with the food supplies stopped, people automatically started making a line. We had a real hard time asking them to form a line maintaining distance. Since the place was small, they were cramping upon one another. For tomorrow's distribution, we have it planned so we have distributed tokens in advance. So the packets are already made and hence we will be able to make it more organized.

MUMBAI: Today we were about 15 volunteers. Managed to pack up the soaps together, purchase fresh grocery and pack them into smaller packets.

Tomorrow we will do the remaining packaging and then make the final care packets.

These packets are smaller than what we intend to give usually but that’s because the need is huge and out partner NGO has requested us to cover 400 with what was meant for 200 and thus help 400 families survive the next couple of weeks. Then we can take a call on what can be done and also lobby with the govt to provide for them.

Our plan is to finish the purchasing and packaging of 416 such packets and distribute them on Thursday.

(video from yesterday's food distribution in Kurla East)


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