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Freedom Ride 2022 for Mukhtir Aalo – “Light of Freedom”

Slavery did not cease with abolition in the nineteenth century; rather, it evolved and continues to hurt an estimated 40 million people today. Ten million of them are


Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Slavery deprives people of essential rights that many of us take for granted, such as the ability to live freely and happily and for children to study, play, and thrive.

Purnata's innovative approach to prevention is one of its initiatives in the battle against human trafficking. Prevention focuses on partnering with various stakeholders to protect victims' vulnerability and raising awareness of various forms of trafficking through various initiatives such as organising street plays, child advocacy programmes, capacity building and trainings, and legal assistance for prosecutions. We want to begin operations in Sonagachi, Asia's largest red light district (RLA). To get started, we'll need Rs. 4 lakhs to rehabilitate a functioning building. We will want Rs. 2.8 lakhs each month for the next six months, from October 22 to March 23, for a total of Rs. 20.8 lakhs.

Freedom Ride 2022 for Mukhtir Aalo – “Light of Freedom”

Destination: Ladakh – The Land of World Highest Passes

The Freedom Ride is a bike ride from Kolkata, West Bengal to LADAKH - the country of the world's highest passes - with the purpose of raising awareness and cash to help in the battle against human trafficking. Purnata's battle against human trafficking will be supported by all funds from the Freedom Ride. 14 Bikers will participate in the ride to support this cause.

Would you join us to make a difference ?

When you donate to our fundraising page, your money will go directly to Purnata's activities, which include things like:

  • Human trafficking prevention and education for vulnerable populations

  • Setting up Mukhtir Aalo- Light of Freedom facility at one of the largest RLA Rehabilitating the CSW to live a life of dignity with access to opportunities

  • Provide protection, education, and health care to children of sex workers, and recover their childhood.

  • Set up an aftercare safe sanctuary for women transitioning out of their profession so that they can live a life of dignity.

Your contribution might be the difference between a life imprisoned and a life free. We would like to ask you to join us in contributing what you can, where you can.

On the 30th July 2022, to commemorate World Day Against Trafficking, we will hold a curtain raiser event from 8 - 10 a.m. in Ranuchaya Mancha (behind Rabindra Sadan). Please attend and complete this form to receive future updates.

Form to join the Freedom Ride 2022

Champions like you are taking on challenges throughout the world to raise cash to help liberate people from slavery, so that these women and children can live joyful lives free of exploitation and in dignity.

Our mission is to put an end to slavery and human trafficking. But we can't do it without your help.

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