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My name is Kajal. As a young girl, I grew up fascinated with Bollywood, in particular, I was crazy about Bollywood actor Salman Khan. I have seen almost all of his movies. In one movie he died at the end of the movie, and I couldn't take it. I dressed up in white like a widow and started behaving and living like a widow. After some days, however, I realized that he was alive and that the movie was just a drama. I decided that I will marry Salman Khan only or else I will never marry. Being a good dancer I thought coming to meet him, he may accept me.

At the tender age of 13, I decided to go to Mumbai and meet my god. I started my journey from my native place in West Bengal to Gujarat and then to Mumbai by train in 2003 without a ticket. When I reached VT station it was overwhelming to be in this new place with no one I knew. I went around asking for the address of Salman Khan. The person who was willing to help me was unknown to me but who also happened to be an agent (Dalal). He said that he knew where Salman Khan’s lived and would take me there. I can't express my joy when he was willing to take me there. He took me in a taxi, not knowing how my life was going to change.

He took me straight to Kamathipura and sold me to a brothel-keeper there. The brothel keeper was forcing me to take customers but I told her I dance well and am willing to dance provided I'm not forced with customers. My brothel-keeper took me to a dance bar and I started to work there. I worked as a bar dancer for three years. Later when all my debts were paid I had a little more freedom. One day I got a chance to run away from that place (Kamathipura) & went back to my village, Barddhaman. After some years I got married to Lalu Mal. I have been married for 7 years through whom I have a 5 yrs old daughter.

Now I am having some financial problems and that's why I came back to Mumbai, this time willingly. I came to the Ghatkopar Red Light Area in the last week of July where I met the Puntata staff. I don't like this work and don't want to do it. Purnata staff are helping me through counseling and offering me a future with dignity. But I am still struggling if what they offer will be enough to help me manage my family.


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