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I was the apple of my father’s eyes, protected by my brothers, loved to bits by my mother and pampered by all my family and relatives.

I never ever needed anything because before I wished for something, I had it. The only thing that, as I look back, I didn’t have was education. We lived very far from the school and in our culture and tradition, girls need not be educated. To protect me, my family kept me safe in the mountains of our home in Nepal.

I had always wanted to visit our capital city, Kathmandu. At the age of 16, I confided this desire to my neighbor who promised to fulfill this desire of mine. He convinced me to travel with him to Kathmandu; and that was my first and biggest mistake. First time away from home, I depended on this neighbor whom I have known all my life. He took away the little gold I had, my nose ring, and brought me to Mumbai Central where I was sold off to a Tibetan family, who owned a big hotel and restaurant.

Life was fine for 6 months, until I was placed in a room to entertain as many customers as possible. My days and nights were spent crying for freedom and home. Those were 3 nightmarish years of my life.

3 years later, I returned home where I told my family that I was working as a housekeeper in India. My parents soon got my marriage arranged to Vishal with whom I have two young, bright sons who are 12 and 8 years old.

We would have continued at home in Nepal, but the earthquake of 2015 forced us down to India as our home was lost brutally to the anger of nature.

I worked as a brothel keeper in Sonapur. I know tailoring so hopefully I can restart and make something of my life from that.'

My children were in a good hostel and school in Pune. I kept them as far as possible from the influence of the area. In 2018, I tried admitting them to the military school in Pune, but due to a lot of paperwork I couldn't complete the process thereby leaving my children out of school.

I came to the staff in Sonapur, got help and we managed to enroll them into school through Love God Home and they are there for a hostel. 

I have started training since the second week of January. I am taking time to adjust and find a purpose in this life here. But I am doing well. I enjoy tailoring over every other aspect. But never do I shy away from doing or learning something new.

I desire to live with my husband, and have both of us work to support our family. I still feel this is my purpose and willfully commit to it and not out of force.


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