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Purnata Newsletter- 12/11/20

Dear All,

Here are some snippets from Mumbai:

  • A few staff are on leave this week.

  • Mana* has finished her internship in Mumbai and has gone to work with Purnata in Kolkata.

  • Muskan*, has finished 2 sittings of her radiation. She is feeling better.

  • Reshma* (find out alias name), after multiple sittings with the psychiatrist, she is doing better and cooperating with the housemothers. She is engaging in arts & craft activities.

  • The ladies are taking part in Zumba dance as part of exercise. Reshma has worn jewelry made by herself..

This week you can read about Purnata with a focus on our work in Bengal. A Baseline survey in the source areas of Basirhat. This has been a long awaited and delayed plan of ours. Finally off the ground. We aim to identify ways we can cut off the supply from the biggest supply zone to Mumbai in terms of sex trafficking! Also, a rescue in Chapra, Bihar, of a girl from Kolkata, made possible because of our efforts with partner agencies like IJM and the police. We will always collaborate and work with others to leverage each others strength and support one another to bring an end to Human Trafficking.

Yours committed to end trafficking

aaboo :-)

Baseline Survey in Source area:

Our Baseline survey finally started in Basirhat, North 24 Parganas on 20th October '20. This survey is being conducted with the help of 4 volunteers based in Basirhat. Although initially they were apprehensive of the pandemic situation. To allay their fears, we did extensive research and surveys to see the viability of starting the work in the villages. During the Pandemic we were able to help few of the villages with dry food ration, which enabled us to get some recognition with local panchayats. They in turn are very happy and cooperative with our intentions to work in these villages. We have covered one locality last week and we have started another this week. We are hoping to gain momentum and speed as we continue doing this survey. We are also able to build a good network with all the villagers due to this survey.

Training on developing Documentation skills - Proposal & Report writing:

One of our active partners, Global Fund for Children (GFC), organised a report and proposal writing workshop for a few of their India cohort staff members. Rituu B Nanda from GFC facilitated this meeting on our behalf with Pankaj Shrivastav of Tathyashodh Development Consultants to organise this workshop from 2nd to 11th November 2020. Three staff from Purnata, Anagha, Sony and Souvik are attending this workshop. The workshop is being done over Zoom, throughout the week. The training focused on the best ways to write proposals and donor reports. We had an in-depth time to look at our ways of understanding about the way we write and the way donors would love to see our work. We had assignments and tasks, and inputs were given by the trainer on each individual's work. - As reported by Souvik

Feedback from our staff: Anagha: The training was very useful and informative. Initially I thought it’ll be very hard to understand and learn but Pankaj Sir explained it in a very simple way. It was a good learning experience with him. Sony: The training was comprehensive and extensive. We were able to learn new things and now we will be able to rewrite many of the proposals we have written. Souvik: The one thing that I learnt is we need to write and rewrite till we get better! And it was a great learning time.

Riya rescued:

A 14 year old girl, Riya* was lured by a boy who pretended to love her. She was excited to go along with him to attend his cousin's marriage. Little did she know about his intentions to sell her. He took her away to a remote village in Bihar and sold her to a nomadic dancing troupe. Initially the police did not file an FIR. After over 12 days of delay by the police, the matter came to us in Purnata. Through our intervention and follow up in the higher echelons of power, we were able to get the local police to file the FIR.

Yesterday the girl was rescued and two perpetrators were arrested too who were involved in physically abusing her apart from the owner of the dance troop. Finally, the Kolkata police traveled to Bihar to bring the victim home. After producing her to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), she will be sent to an aftercare home for her rehabilitation. We thank the Police who helped us find Riya* and all our partners.


*name changed to protect identity


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