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Purnata Newsletter - 11/12/2020

Dear all,

Coming to the end of the year we have so much to thank God for. So much to thank our friends and well-wishers. We will more formally do so later. Right now my heart is overwhelmed with how much we achieved with an understaffed, under resourced team. Yet with the help of generous friends and well wishers like you who take time to read and stand with us, we have achieved much more than we imagined or expected.

Everyday, our staff are out there risking their lives. We are grateful for all of them. Our work in the source areas, our work with the metro Line 3 and also our new work in Ghatkopar. We were able to begin it because of the generous partnership with Mahanet Women’s Leaders Network who have helped raise the money needed to get this project going.

One of the most positive news is the approval of a three year grant from Azim Premji Philanthropic Foundation (APPI) starting from January.

Together we can, we will

End Trafficking

aaboo :-)


Merudandi -

Awareness Program on Anti Human Trafficking

Date: 12th November 2020

Venue : Merudandi Centre, Basirhat- North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

For the very time we held a Program on Anti Human trafficking in our centre in the source area. Subrata Das and Mithu Sardar, from Purnata serving as volunteers. The participants were mainly adolescent girls from a nearby village. Covid Protocols were strictly followed during this program. They introduced Purnata and its work. They spoke about Human Trafficking. Also about the importance of being aware of traps in terms of jobs and marriage. One of them stressed the need to have a good relationship with their children is a key safety principle.

There was some good feedback and one of them that girls want to get trained in stitching so that they can support themselves.

Medical Camp - Ghatkopar

Since quite some time we have been thinking about a work in Ghatkopar and now finally it has become a reality. We found a nice room for our centre in the middle of November and we have begun a few activities there. This project is in partnership with the support of Mahanet Women’s Leaders Network.

On 23rd we did a Medical camp with the help of the medical team from Karuna Trust. Totally over 55 women & children benefited from the Medical camp.

This helped good relationships and we hope to leverage this in the days to come as our work begins full swing. There are many children and women needing our attention and we have begun a survey of the children, their needs and what services they receive at the moment.

World AIDS Day programs:-

This year Theme for World AIDS Day was “Global Solidarity- Shared Responsibility”:

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions in place this year we are unable to observe World AIDS Day as we did over the years.

Purnata works in partnership with MMRCL on the Metro Line 3 from Seepz to Cuffe Parade. This year we encouraged all packages to observe World AIDS Day

2020 on a small scale within their premises and work sites in small groups.

To help in this endeavour, we arranged for some Posters, Pamphlets and Red Ribbons to be sent to each package site.

We managed to do 34 sessions across the 7 packages on World AIDS Day and reached 6225 workers with the message of HIV AIDS and its connection with Human Trafficking.

This shows that certain staff are getting trained and equipped to manage these sessions occasionally when needed.


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