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Purnata Newsletter - 21/09/2020

These last few months have been hard on all of India, but as an organization, Purnata is excited to be back to regular functioning, while also trying to maintain a safe environment for all staff and beneficiaries. This is the new normal, as of now, and we must learn to adjust and overcome because the work that we do isn't something that can be simply set aside.

We are happy to be back and moving forward in varying projects to help Purnata become the best organization it can be! 

Entrepreneurship Training at the Center

On Thursday, 17th of September, there was an entrepreneurship learning session that took place at the training center for our beneficiaries. During this session, the women were asked to split into groups and participate in creating faux businesses while answering questions about various elements in entrepreneurship.

The women listened intently to what the instructor had to say and eagerly answered the questions they were asked. Every time one of the women answered a question the most correct way, she would receive a small reward. This brought out a friendly, competitive atmosphere as the groups discussed keys factors in developing businesses.

This session was a good opportunity for all of the women to understand first hand what opening their own business would look like. One of the beneficiaries is even eager to start up her own business!

Training Graduation Ceremony!

We were able to come together on Friday, 18th of September, to celebrate four of our beneficiaries who have finished their literacy course and vocational training at the center.

It was a quaint ceremony, filled with laughter and joy. The women who graduated received certificates and a small gift as a way to celebrate their accomplishments.

Proper precautions were upheld during this gathering to ensure this joyous occasion was safe for all who attended.

The ceremony consisted of a summation of the women's stories and well as a word of encouragement from a guest speaker. The women even got the chance to see their past trainers (via Zoom) and receive the recognition well deserved for their hard work.

We are excited to see what the next steps are in the lives of these four amazing women and are eager for them to move forward in following their dreams. 


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