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Purnata Weekly updates - April Vol. 2-2023

Dear friends,

It is the belief that keeps the scientist, inventor, and researcher busy.

  • The best car hasn't been developed.

  • The final cure hasn't been discovered.

  • The safest plane hasn't been produced.

  • The best song hasn't been written.

  • The best product is not on the market.

  • The best sales presentation has not been perfected.

  • The best class hasn't been taught.

  • The best way hasn't been found.

  • The yet to be.

The phrase "The best is yet to be" is a positive affirmation that gives life direction. It provides hope: there is more to come in life. It's the spirit of expectancy: good things are going to happen. It is seen through the eyes that look for opportunities that will be greater than ever. It is received through proper planning and work. Desire is the fuel that makes it a reality. THE BEST IS YET TO BE!

As we are now in a new fiscal year, we still have hope that the best is yet to be. As we see exciting things happen each day, each week, each month and year after year, we cannot but believe that the best is yet to come! Read these wonderful and yet sometimes sad stories to see what Purnata staff grapple with every day.

Yours sincerely for a traffic-free world,

aaboo :-)



Our staff at Aashray have been working with Salima. She is pregnant and already has a four-year-old child, Sheela, from her first husband. Now she is with her "so-called" husband, Anil, who does not care for her or her children. He is already married and has a child in his village. Hungry for love, Salima is blinded to the reality of his actions. Our staff took her to the maternity hospital and got her name registered in the hospital. However, at home when she had a quarrel with Anil, he tore her file. The hospital staff refused to give another file but with our staff managing the situation, they registered her name and did her blood and urine test. They asked her to come again on Thursday but this time he refused to go with her.

Salima shared with our staff that Anil beats her up every day. Also, he is planning to sell Sheela and after her delivery, also wants to sell the newborn baby. We also found out that one day he was naked in front of Sheela who is not even four and he used abusive words at her. We encouraged her to take action to protect her child. Purnata staff, along with another well-wisher from the area went to the Police station to register an NC. The Senior inspector appreciated our work upon hearing about Purnata's work. She counselled Salima regarding her child's safety and also said she will take action against her husband. She will call him to the police station and give him such a thrashing that he will not trouble her again. Our staff are constantly following up with her and keeping an eye on Anil, even though she still lives with him.



As part of an event we celebrate every month, we celebrated Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April, remembering Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar (born on April 14, 1891). He was a social reformer who inspired the Dalit Bodh movement, launched in 1956 when nearly half a million Dalits – formerly untouchables – joined him and converted to Navayana Buddhism. He rejected his religion, challenged the caste system in India and promoted the rights of the Dalit community. This day is also celebrated as Equality Day


Trainees become trainers:

Our staff have been well trained by the Apnalaya team. The deal of our agreement was that after we are trained, the trainees will train others in the community. We did our first session last week. We explained about Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. As chairman of the Drafting Committee, he presented the final draft of the Indian Constitution to Rajendra Prasad, president of the Constituent Assembly, on 25 November 1949. In that constitution is written our Rights as citizens. We helped teach the women the preamble.


A Sad Story..

At the beginning of the month little Sharukh, hardly 12 years of age, committed suicide in his house. Our staff were there with the family till late, giving them moral support and any practical help. His mother passed away a few years back and now lives with his dad and stepmom. His stepmom never cared for him and he was a neglected child. He used to come to our centre but for a month he has been coming only occasionally. On follow-ups by our staff, he mentioned he had to help his stepmom as she is pregnant.

Last week Sharukh's parents came to our centre claiming that Sharukh's younger brother Firoz was the one who killed his brother as he did not like him much. Firoz happened to be in the room and saw the suicide and that affected him very badly. It's clear that he is deeply traumatised. We don't believe their story and realise that she is trying to get rid of him. The stepmother said she doesn't want to keep him and asked us to do something. We have currently kept him in foster care but will have to decide his future.


Overcoming Obstacles:

Our Jeevan Asha team had an issue during football practice last week. Mr. Sachin Mathapati, Secretary of Ghatkopar Sports Foundation came during practice and questioned our use of the grounds. On hearing about our work and what we do they calmed down. They want a letter from us about the football practice we do on this field every Monday.

Since the ground we practice on is a field made only for Basketball and Volleyball, they have requested us to give a letter. They are organising a basketball camp on April 15 to 30 from 3.45 to 5.45 pm every evening. He asked if the founder or one of the leaders can give an inaugural speech. From hostility to friendship, we are constantly learning to break down barriers and build bridges.



  • Our staff have noticed that new ladies are coming into the area - some new to the trade and others shifting from one RLA to another.

  • On Wednesday our staff will continue attending the Legal aid training session.

  • Monday to Thursday beautician classes will take place at Aashray centre.

  • Last week 24 children came for literacy & nutrition at Aashray and 11 for football practice.

  • At Aashray, last week children were prepared for exams and were taught according to their syllabus and exam timetable.

  • Last week all the children of the hostel returned to their homes for the summer holidays so there will be more children soon.

  • This week, Monday to Friday painting work is going on at Jeevan Asha centre so activities will not happen.

  • Every week our staff call and follow up with all the women with whom Purnata had the privilege of walking alongside them in their journey from brokenness to wholeness. They are step by step moving in the direction of healing, peace and hope. What a joy that we get to be part of this transformation process.


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