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Purnata Weekly updates - June Vol. 01 - 2023

Dear Friends,

Years ago one of my mentors asked us in a session "Who is a leader?" Of all the many answers, one that stuck with me was, "Anyone who has a follower". In the most basic sense that is a true definition and that makes almost all of us leaders in our own right. I was pondering about leadership and want to share some thoughts that stand out to me from what I myself have learnt over the years.

Effective Leaders - 1. Don't pity ourselves - As a leader, we don’t have time to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. It’s a waste of time. In order to succeed, we need to take responsibility for our actions in life. Life isn’t always fair or easy, so accept it and keep on moving forward.

2. Embrace change - Change is the only constant. Many people say they hate change. Change is hard but good leaders welcome positive change with open arms, are flexible and believe they are capable of adapting to new situations.

3. Don't worry about the things they can't change - There’s a quote by Reinhold Niebuhr that goes, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Effective leaders don't waste time complaining about traffic jams or lost luggage because they know they can’t control these things. Instead, focus on the things we can control, and we will soon realize the only thing we can control in certain situations is our own attitude.

4. Realise they can't please everyone - As leaders, we need to realize that we can’t always please everyone and may have to say “no” if needed. We should not be afraid to speak up and speak our minds, although we should be fair, kind & sensitive.

5. Take calculated risks - Not all risk-taking is the same, and leaders who make a difference know the difference between foolish or reckless risk-taking and calculated risk-taking. We need to weigh the pros and cons of the situation and fully understand the potential consequences before making any big decisions. Thank you for partnering & joining us in this fight to end human slavery! One of the amazing advantages of having a holistic approach to fighting trafficking is that we believe everyone can connect to it in some way. Thank you for diving in, finding your passion, and coming alongside us as we work to end trafficking. We would love to hear more about what part of our mission you connect with. Feel free to respond to this email and let us know!

Yours sincerely for a traffic-free world,

aaboo :-)


Short stories of women that make you sad and some that bring hope!

  • Shaila is from Maharashtra. She was married at the age of 15th but after 5 years she got separated from her husband. She left her husband as her mother-in-law used to torture her and he never did anything to help her. One day a friend from her village brought her to Mumbai for work and sold her in one of the Red Light Areas. She has been in the Red Light Area for the last 7-8 years but recently showing interest.

  • Our staff had helped Aruna to file a report against her husband. In spite of the way he mistreats her, she has gone with him. They have taken a room on rent outside and continue coming into the area for work. Often women like her go through a shocking experience before they take drastic steps.

  • Naina is from Howrah, West Bengal. Her husband had himself sold her in the Red Light Area. She has two children - 8 and 3 yrs old and is trying to find a hostel for them. She doesn't want to do this work and is willing to leave if she gets a suitable job.

  • Sheetal bought a mobile from her customer at Rs. 1500 but the customer filed a police complaint against her. The police came into the area and confiscated the mobile and Rs. 3000 from her.

  • Alka is from WB. Her husband sold her into a life of prostitution. Again she was cheated and left her husband, ending up marrying another man. She has a daughter and is trying to make ends meet. She happened to meet some people who helped her change and is undergoing training to be a driver.

  • Jaspreet is an orphan girl from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. She came here in search of work and since she didn't find any job she got deceived and ended up in the RLA for more than a month. Our staff tried to talk with her during their visits. One day we got her mobile no and we started communicating with her more frequently. She showed interest in leaving the area and we managed to convince her to leave the area. We even showed her our Rehab Home and explained what she can expect. However, she was continuously sharing about some medical needs without being clear. Apparently, it was some bladder issue but she wasn't very clear. Though we offered her an opportunity to be trained with us and get a job, she preferred to leave and go back to her hometown, promising never to return. On Sunday she told our staff that she had left the area and decided to go back home.


Short stories of children & youth that make you sad and yet some bring hope!

  • Our staff went to a school near Ghatkopar to enquire about Rahid’s admission as he didn't clear his 9th exams this year. The teacher has graciously allowed him to do the exam on 16th June.

  • Mihir used to be part of our football group. His parents sent him to the village for some reason. The parents have been asking to help put him in the hostel and also not strike his name from the football list. Glad for parents like this who are wanting their children to have good opportunities.

  • Dayanand Hostel has shifted to Miraj, meaning we must urgently find alternative hostels for the children. Our staff have been checking 2-3 hostels like Little Angel Ashram, Jan Vikas Society, Karuna Welfare, etc.

  • Priya's son Sharon passed his 10th with 67%. This is commendable considering the circumstances under which he has been having to manage his studies.

  • Nearly 20 children have been regular at both centres for football practice. Also, 5 children have been going every week for football practice on the turf last week.


Updates on some of our champions:

  • Seema is continuing to hone her sewing skills and last week she made Patiala pants, Kali pants, simple pants, and learned Kurti cutting & Palazzo pants.

  • Somaya is preparing for her job in the police force, has taken a new room in Tilak Nagar and she is staying there with two other girls whom she met in the previous hostel. Right now only her practical training is going on from 6:30 to 8:30 AM.

  • Bharti is still fighting for justice regarding her son's case with the help of our social workers. She is regular in her work but occasionally she struggles with her health.

  • Seema is continuing to hone her sewing skills and last week she made Patiala pants, Kali pants, simple pants, and learned Kurti cutting & Palazzo pants.

  • Rheema is enjoying her bakery and coffee-making training and she likes the bakery training a lot. She is so much happier with her sister having joined her.


Prevention at Source:

  • The team celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June at the DCC with the children. All the activities conducted were a learning experience for the children.

  • The source area Day Care Centre (DCC) has begun its session post some breaks during the month of May. The children were excited to be back at the centre.

  • The team is also planning to celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June at the DCC with the children. Some plans are being made to make it a learning experience for the children.

  • The team in Kolkata are going regularly to the RLA for regular visits. We are having some quality conversations over tea.


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