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Purnata Weekly updates - June Vol. 03 - 2023

Dear Friends,

Your dedication to staying informed about Purnata's weekly updates is truly inspiring and plays a vital role in driving our daily efforts. It serves as a constant reminder that we are fortunate to have a compassionate community of well-wishers standing behind us, genuinely interested in the important work being carried out by our team.

Today, I invite you to take an active role in this noble cause by joining us as a partner of Purnata. By making a monthly contribution, you can directly contribute to our mission of saving and transforming the lives of vulnerable women and children. Your generous support will have an immediate impact as we strive to prevent trafficking, rescue victims, provide rehabilitation, and facilitate their successful reintegration into society.

By becoming a monthly donor, you will not only make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by trafficking, but you will also feel a deeper connection to the collective effort we are making to put an end to this heinous crime. Together, we can create a brighter future for countless individuals who deserve safety, freedom, and hope.

Take action now by Clicking Here to make your donation and partner with us in this important journey. Your contribution will make a lasting impact, and we are truly grateful for your support. Purnata exists today because of compassionate individuals like you, who make our work possible. Thank you for being an invaluable part of our mission.

Yours sincerely for a traffic-free world,

aaboo :-)


Women in the Red Light Areas in Mumbai where we work:

  • Sarika came to the centre and enquired about the beauty parlour classes. We are now focussing on computer training and so encouraged her also for computer training. She has attended 3 sessions of computer classes. Being educated till her 12th grade, she wrote down all the notes in her book very carefully everything in her notebook.

  • Our staff will be visiting Saanvi’s home next week at Airoli to talk to her daughter regarding her studies. She is being encouraged to take one of our trainings.

  • Aditi is interested to come for our activities at the centre but her Gharwali (brothel keeper) is not allowing her.

  • When two of our staff were talking to Anika, two customers came to her. When she was negotiating her price with them, they pointed to our staff, indicating they want them.

  • Thankfully the women in the area protect us and shouted at them and drove them away. Our staff are constantly at risk though we take every measure to mitigate those risks.

  • Next month she is going to her hometown. We are helping her put her son in school so when will also bring all his documents for the same.

  • Shyla came to the centre with Kavya. Kavya was requesting help to place her nine-year-old son, in a good hostel.

  • Kavya was exploited in the RLA for many years and had got married to a customer who is a construction worker some nine years ago. They rented a room in the Titwala and tried to start a new life together. They were doing some farming, rearing goats and also selling eggs. Recently all their goats died and that resulted in a massive setback for their business. Recently she returned to the area. When our staff shared about the possibility of leaving and joining our training program, she refused as she wants to earn some quick money and leave. We will continue to encourage her and we believe she will understand in due course.

  • Shyla has a case and every month she has to be present in court. Her lawyer takes Rs. 1000 for every appearance. She is seeking our help that if we She said if you'll help me for finished the case will leave the area soon.

  • We had some visitors from YWCA (Women's Development Unit). They are offering certificate diplomas and short-term Vocational Training Courses, ensuring quality growth and development of the community. We are exploring possible partnerships.

  • We often help women get their statutory documentation. Deepali Debnath needed a new Bank account opened. Our staff went with her to Greater Bank to open her bank account. As she doesn't have her PAN card it couldn't get done. This week we will help her apply for a new PAN card.

  • As schools have started, the children in hostels have returned and so numbers have reduced now. We had 18 children regularly participating in all the activities at the centre.

  • Our staff visited Janvikas Hostel in Navi Mumbai with three of the mothers to inquire about their children's admission into the hostel. It's a good hostel with about 22 children presently. They met Father Rodriguez who took an oral test of the three children Ramesh, Tarun & Suresh. Children did well in their orals but there is no vacancy for English medium school. Vacancies are available for Hindi & Marathi medium. Father suggested leaving the children's documents and if he can do something, he will call our staff or else admissions may happen in December.


Children & Youth in Red Light Areas of Mumbai where we work:

  • Around 15 children continue to practice football with Jesson from SMI.

  • Our staff spoke to Nidhi and her mother about her admission matters. Nidhi hasn't completed her 9th and has dropped out of school the whole of last year. Her school fees have not been paid for three years. Nidhi wanted to fill up the No. 17 form but she needs her Leaving Certificate (LC) for that. The school will not get the LC until her parents will pay the fees. The school is asking her to pay Rs. 47000. Our staff are willing to speak to the Principal to consider her case but her grandmother is not cooperating with us on the matter.

  • Due to constant reminders from the Railway authorities of the area being broken down to make bigger roads and infrastructure, recently 12-15 families have shifted from the area. Many are saying that after four months whole area housing will demolish.


Red Light Areas in Kolkata:

  • Visit to our centre in Kolkata have been regular as we are making progress in building rapport with the girls. In a turn of events, the girls now take time to offer us tea during the conversations.

  • One of our beneficiaries, an orphan girl, staying at a Home, participated in a dance program organised by Indian Council for Cultural Relations, at their famous centre in Kolkata.


Source Area work:

  • The centre at the village at Basirhat is continuing to work with children.

  • The team also conducted a Stimulate, Appreciate, Learn & Transfer (SALT) visit with adolescent girls and young married women. The conversation mostly centred on themselves and their dream for their community.

  • In SALT, communities play a role in all aspects of the causal chain. The approach builds on community ownership of solutions to various needs and issues that communities feel need to be addressed. In addition, when that sense of ownership becomes embedded within individuals and communities, the action that they take will not be dependent on external stimulus: this sense of ownership is the foundation of sustainability.


More Updates:

Children in our care: Abhishek & Karan have started school. Amar, Nisha & Zayan will soon join the school too. We are trying to get Aadu too to join the school. We didn't have the money for their fees but a few friends stepped in to support their education - fees, books, uniforms and school van.

Proposals: Last week we submitted the HCLTech Grant in the Education category for our work in Source areas which amounts to 5 crores over a period of four years. Thousands of NGOs will be participating. It's an elaborate 250 days, seven-step process to which we have submitted the form (step 1).








AGM preparation: Purnata AGM will happen on the 21st & 22nd of July. We are expecting a better turnout of members this year. On the 21st, our Board and Society members will visit our projects and interact with staff and beneficiaries. On the 22nd we will conduct our business matters. Preparations, including the conclusion of our Financial Audit and preparation of reports, etc, are ongoing.

Visitors: One of our partners who has a love for the women and children we serve, will visit us in Mumbai and Kolkata between the 3rd - 5th of July. I will be accompanying him to Kolkata and God willing, we will be able to start our centre in Kolkata like we have been hoping and planning.

He has graciously given us 10 laptops (donation in kind) for starting full-fledged computer training both in Aashray and in Jeevan Asha centres.

Ashmeet and a colleague from Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives (APPI) Bengaluru will be visiting our projects in Mumbai on the 7th of July. Looking forward as they are one of our crucial partners who have been very considerate of us and our work.


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