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Purnata weekly Updates - Feb 2023

Dear Friends,

We hope this weekly update finds you well. We have been busy working towards our mission of rescuing and rehabilitating those who are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking.

An employee of ours working in Mumbai's red light district faced a personal tragedy when her father passed away. Despite grieving, she sprang into action when she noticed a young girl travelling with her boyfriend and siblings. Our staff quickly realized something was wrong and informed her colleagues here in Purnata.

Colleagues from various projects, Childline and RPF worked together to rescue the minors. Teams were stationed at Dadar and CST, with one team continuing the search when they missed a group at Dadar station. Our staff on the train discreetly took photos and videos for easy identification. In the end, four minors were rescued, two at each station, and placed in care facilities. We at Purnata are working to reunite them with their families if we find it safe.

Will you help us #PurnataOrg? Come partner with us, we can put an end to Human Trafficking, Together, we will.

Yours sincerely for a traffic-free world

aaboo :-)


More Updates:

  • Our court case for Reena, who was rescued in a dramatic operation in 2019, continues. Our legal partner JVI was on the call with our staff and helped her to stay calm and focused during the cross-examination process.

  • At our training centres, we celebrated Republic Day with 22 children and had dance events for them. Bharti and Mohit have moved into a rented house and will begin work at a garment factory soon. Kiran, who had moved out from her previous job, is now staying at Sam and learning about the importance of professional experience.

  • The Day Care Centre in West Bengal has completed one month of operations and is receiving a positive response from the surrounding communities. Our team there has also been reflecting and learning about their current financial year's plan for prevention.

  • We have also welcomed Ruth who will be helping us with her internship for a month. She has been a great assist to us all here in Purnata.


We have launched an online crowdfunding campaign on Ketto to gather 20 lakhs to cover a shortfall in our resources here in Purnata. We now have 22 individual fundraisers and have raised Rs. 1,34,800. We want to exceed our goal by adding more fundraisers in the following weeks. To learn more click here.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can make a difference. I hope you’ll take the time to look at our website at and the regular updates we put on social media via our handle @Purnataorg. As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged.


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