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Purnata Weekly updates - Feb 2023

Dear Friends,

As we look around us, we see a broken world. We see so much pain as women and children get trafficked every hour. As different NGOs in the Anti Trafficking space and Governments join hands and work towards a traffic-free world, we are making a difference. The nos and statistics are enormous and so the difference may seem minuscule. However, with focused efforts, consistent follow-up and collective impact, "the best is yet to be". Yes, “the best is yet to be”.

For us at Purnata, the phrase "The best is yet to be" is a positive affirmation that gives life direction. It provides hope that there is more to come in life – a traffic-free world. It's the spirit of expectancy that good things are going to happen – when we see change, one survivor at a time. It is seen through the eyes that look for opportunities that will be greater than ever – as we collaborate for greater impact. It is received through proper planning and work – as we take time to review and plan. Desire is the fuel that makes it a reality. THE BEST IS YET TO BE!

More powerful than the will to win; is the courage to begin. We at Purnata have taken the courage to begin an onslaught against the crime and business of human Trafficking. And we will not give up until we break the back of the industry.

Yours sincerely for a traffic-free world

aaboo :-)


More Updates:

  • Sarita stays in the upper chawl and has a 16-year-old daughter who stays outside the area. She is interested in sending her daughter to the cooking course. Next week she will go with her daughter to see the training centre before sending her for the training.

  • Our staff followed up successfully with Jayantilal school for the admission of two boys from the red light area in 8th & 3rd standards respectively.

  • Our football training is going on with 11 teens at Aashray and 8 at Jeevan Asha coming for football.


“If you see something, say/do something”

Again, another real incident of what can happen when we are alert and do something about it. Two of our staff returning from the Govt Home after a disappointing visit was at a railway station waiting for their train. They noticed a young girl of 19-20 years of age sitting as though she was waiting for someone. She then came asking to use their phone. When our staff asked her a few questions, she seemed confused and gave conflicting responses.

Our staff became alert and immediately reported this to the railway police who then questioned her. Meanwhile, Sheela, for whom she was waiting, reached the station. She argued that Preeti is a major and comes with consent from her parents. The police let Sheela go but kept Preeti back to check with her parents. They finally contacted the parents and the father took a bus immediately and reached the PS by 3 am.

During the enquiry, they found out that there was another boy called Somesh and they had taken Rs. 50000, 3 kg of gold and two mobiles which Preeti had taken from home when she ran away. They were unable to get in touch with Sheela. Immediately the police called our staff and sought our help to get Sheela to the police station. Our staff, trained and smart in undercover work, called her and gave her a story that sent her running to the police station.

Currently, Sheela is absconding but Preeti has reunited with her family and we can rest in peace that we have made a difference in one more life/family. (P.S. we will not let Sheela off the hook so easily…)


Responding To A Cry For Help!

Our team which reaches out to women in different Red Light Areas visited one in the northeast part of Mumbai on 17th February. During the outreach, one young girl was trying to say something but it was obvious she was afraid of those around her. When we went close to her she said “Didi mujhe aap ki madat chahiye”, (sister, I want your help). When we asked her what help she needed, she replied saying “yaha nahi bahar chalo” (not here, let us go outside) So after spending some time with another woman in the same lane went out and away from the area with her following at a distance. They walked to a point where no one could see them from the area.

The girl’s name is Maria but called Rani in the area and started sharing her story. She said that about eight months ago one of her relatives offered her a beautician job in Mumbai. They cross the border illegally through the river. And she came to Mumbai with the agent, and after coming, the agent forced Maria to attend to customers but Maria refused to do it and then the agent and brothel keeper started beating up Maria very badly. They refused her food for four days, she was locked in one dark room and tortured.

Then finally she had to start working as a sex worker, she would always try to run away from the brothel but the agent and gharwali caught her and abused her. She tried to commit suicide but somehow she survived.

Hearing her story, the team approached the Police commissioner's office at Navi Mumbai from there they got connected to AHTU head who connected them to the local Sr. P. I. We have already done a rescue with him when he was posted at Thane AHTU Branch. He was very cooperative. Purnata became the complainant and agent Vijaya got arrested. Maria now is placed at Navjeevan home for her further repatriation process.


Souvik and Anagha are both taking PGPDM courses at SPJIMR, one of India's premier business schools. They begin their last contact lessons at the institution on the 18th of this month and will continue until the 5th of March. They have their final examinations between the 17th and 19th of March. Despite their hectic class and assignment schedules, both have done their best to devote as much time to their work as feasible.


We have launched an online crowdfunding campaign on Ketto to gather 20 lakhs to cover a shortfall in our resources here in Purnata. We now have 26 individual fundraisers and have raised ₹2,59,508. We want to exceed our goal by adding more fundraisers in the following weeks. To learn more click here.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can make a difference. I hope you’ll take the time to look at our website at and the regular updates we put on social media via our handle @Purnataorg. As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged.


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