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World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

On the occasion of World Day Against Trafficking in Person Purnata had an awareness program at Mumbra, we covered almost 10 spots and did a small street skit, through which we communicated how the trafficking happen and how child sexual abuse happened. How the traffickers and our very close people try to abuse an innocent girl child & women and bring them into the trade of sex trafficking. We have covered almost more than 1500 people including women, children and men, and spread awareness about trafficking. As a result so many people came to us and were asking more details about these issues. We have explained more cases and gave them our contact details so that they can contact us when they come across such cases.

We have distributed the pamphlets on which we have written the small information about trafficking and also given the contact details of our staff so that the community can reach out to us and share their ideas and also share the cases if they come across.

We had our partner church who helped us to play a street show. We also had one blind person who was playing dafadi for us to get the attention of the people who are at the market places.

We did one skit in the municipal school and helped the children to understand about child sexual abuse. Where we got a good response from the students as well from the teachers.


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